The Dalarna schools were closed just over a week ago and the new everyday life has had the chance to sink in.

- The board has today decided on distance education. But we have made a small change so that we can enroll students in grade three to do the practical steps that must be done in order for them to obtain a vocational degree, says Anna Torssander, principal.

Even though distance education works well, both teachers and students think it is sad not to be at school.

- It feels boring. We are here for the students and think it is fun when the students are here, says Christer Thoreus, construction teacher.

One of Christer Thoreau's students who is at school to build a playhouse agrees that it is boring with distance education.

- You can get more help when you are in school, you can just raise your hand and you get help at once, says Leonard Eriksson, construction student.

In the clip below. Hear principal Anna Torssander, construction teacher Christer Thoreus and his pupil Leonard Eriksson talk about how school life has changed since the corona eruption.