• Coronavirus, the Hungarian parliament gives full power to Prime Minister Orban


by Tiziana Di Giovannandrea 30 March 2020 The full powers, which the Hungarian Parliament has conferred on Prime Minister Viktor Orban - with 137 yes and 53 no - to face the Covid-19 emergency, have provoked a series of harsh reactions and criticisms, not only within Hungary but also in Italy.

Prime Minister Orban can rule by decree, close Parliament and not be voted on. The approved law does not contain time limits in the application of the envisaged measures.

In Italy there are many fears for democracy.

Orlando (Pd): Coronavirus has also made democracy sick, the EU stops Orban
"The virus has also made democracy sick in our continent. What is happening in Hungary in these hours is unacceptable. Europe must turn Orban back. An authoritarian regime cannot be part of the Union," he wrote on Twitter Deputy Secretary of the Democratic Party Andrea Orlando.

Also according to Andrea Romano , deputy of the Democratic Party of the Montecitorio Foreign Commission: "Hungary is no longer a parliamentary democracy and Europe must use every means of pressure: a member country that from today - and for an unlimited time - formally ceases to be a democracy Parliamentary. The epidemic is fought also by protecting democratic institutions and guarantees ". On the same wave Piero Fassino , deputy of the Democratic Party:" Coronavirus is used against democracy. We are not watching. The EU reacts, "he writes on Twitter.

Renzi (Iv): the EU drives out Hungary, Europe takes a hit
"I have been dreaming of the United States of Europe for years. But for this very reason I have the right, and the duty, to say that after what Orban has done today, the European Union must beat it and make it change its mind. Or, more simply , drive Hungary out of the Union "wrote Matteo Renzi, leader of Italia viva, on Twitter. This is echoed by Teresa Bellanova , the Agriculture Minister, head of the Iv delegation to the Government: "Today Hungary finds itself in the hands of man only in command. It is frightening to think that only a few months ago those who asked for full powers did so by our beaches. We stopped him, because we strongly believe that no circumstances can undermine the centrality of Parliament and democracy as the founding value of our Republic. It dismayed to think that elsewhere these principles may fail. "

Sergio Battelli (M5s): while the EU hesitates Hungary is heading towards dictatorship
The President of the Chamber's Commission for EU Policies, Sergio Battelli of the M5S comments: "As Europe hesitates, Hungary travels to the dictatorship with the excuse of Coronavirus. The EU heavily sanctions those who abolish democracy and save themselves : fundamental rights cannot fail. "

Carmelo Palma (+ Europe): Salvini and Meloni happy with Orban 'virus'?
"Orban has officially transformed Hungary into an authoritarian regime," said Carmelo Palma, director of Più Europa. "It will be interesting to understand the position of his Italian allies and emulses, starting with the League and the Brothers of Italy, who have never failed to defend its policies and reputation, and which therefore will not fail to justify its closure, indefinitely, of Parliament even today. Orban - he continues - has now become the real anti-democratic virus in the body of the Union, whose budget Hungary continues to be one of the main beneficiaries. Do they really want the majority of Italians - concludes the exponent of Più Europa - to follow a road that leads to these results? "