(Fighting new crown pneumonia) French deaths exceed 3,000, nearly 1,000 dead in Paris area

China News Agency, Paris, March 30th (Reporter Li Yang) The French new crown pneumonia epidemic continued to worsen on the 30th local time. The number of deaths in a single day soared to 418, and the total number of deaths exceeded 3,000, of which nearly 1,000 died in the Greater Paris area.

French Director General of Health Salomon announced the latest epidemic statistics that night. On the 30th, the number of newly confirmed cases in France reached 4,376, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 44,550. On the 30th, 418 deaths were added, and the cumulative number of deaths rose to 3024. example. The number of confirmed cases and deaths in a single day reached a new high on the same day.

Salomon said that the number of hospitalized patients in France has risen to 21,000, of whom 5,107 were critically ill; nearly 1,600 new patients were hospitalized on the 30th, of which 475 were critically ill. The pressure on medical systems across France continues to increase.

The number of confirmed cases in the Greater Paris area, where the French New Crown Pneumonia epidemic is most severe, has risen to 13,091. Nearly 1,000 confirmed cases were added on the 30th, an increase of 8.1% over the previous day. In the Greater Paris area, 170 new patients died on the 30th, compared with the previous day Increased by 20%, the cumulative number of deaths has reached 993. In addition, the number of critically ill patients in the Greater Paris area increased to 1,816, and their average age has fallen from 60 to 56.

At the same time, the epidemic situation in the Greater East Region continues to worsen. The number of local deaths has reached 917, and the number of hospitalized patients has risen to 3950. The French military continued to transport critically ill patients from the local area, and 30 helicopters transported several critically ill patients from Strasbourg to Switzerland and Germany for treatment.

The French drug administration warned on the 30th that certain medications for new coronary pneumonia may cause "serious side effects", and advise patients not to take the relevant drugs themselves. The drug administration is investigating three possible deaths from this patient.

French Prime Minister Philip and Health Minister Willand will report to the National Assembly on April 1 on the government's measures and implementation of the new coronary pneumonia. The meeting is currently planned to be carried out in the form of a video. (Finish)