Dubai Health Authority reported that a team of volunteers makes about 3000 calls daily with people who came to Dubai during the period of the global outbreak of the Corona epidemic, with the aim of following them, ensuring their safety, and making sure they adhere to the requirements and controls of home quarantine.

The president of the Youth Council, coordinator of volunteers at the authority, Dr. Khaled Lootah, said that the authority receives, through the platform "Health Heroes" that was recently launched, a team of volunteers, which includes between 40 to 60 individuals, who make between 2000 to 3000 calls per day, coming to Dubai during The trips that came to Dubai recently, to check on their safety, and to assure them of the necessity to adhere to the home stone.

The authority stated that the number of volunteers registered with it to support efforts in tackling the Corona virus reached 3 thousand and 300 volunteers in the categories of "doctors, nursing, paramedics and administrators", and the head of the Youth Council, the volunteer coordinator at the authority, Dr. Khaled Lootah, said that the volunteer platform witnesses the registration of about 100 volunteers At least daily, the registered number of volunteers includes 450 doctors, 90 nurses, while the rest of the numbers were distributed to include paramedics and administrators.

The Dubai Health Authority has recently launched a volunteer platform called Health Heroes, in support of the national efforts, and medical and administrative cadres, who are front lines in facing the challenge against the Corona virus Covid 19.