, March 30th. According to the New Zealand report, with the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in New Zealand, the study abroad industry in New Zealand is facing a huge downturn. It is still a question whether up to half of the international students can enter school this year.

According to the official data of the New Zealand Immigration Service, as of March 15, of the 76,203 valid study visas, 60,348 were in New Zealand and 15,855 were not in New Zealand. Immigration said the figures included an unknown number of students who completed their studies last year and whose visas will expire on March 31.

However, the data shows that the enrollment rate of universities in New Zealand is much lower than normal years. In the past, about 120,000 international students enrolled in New Zealand.

Some leaders in the education sector have said they are concerned that enrollment rates this year will be significantly lower than in the past. Chris Whelan, head of Universities New Zealand, said universities in New Zealand usually enroll about 4,000 to 4,500 students in the middle of the year, and they hope these students will still come. "Nothing is right at this stage, and international travel restrictions are unlikely to be lifted in the short term. But universities still hope that the 6,500 Chinese students who were originally enrolled early this year but are still in China will be able to travel to New Zealand to report on admission in the second half of the year.

"We haven't given up on these students, we have been in touch with them, and most students still want to come here." Richard Dykes, chairman of the Auckland Secondary School Principals Association, said that many schools recruit international students mid-year, but this year seems unlikely. "The situation is not objective at this stage, they may not come, which has a great impact on the school."

Some foreign students have returned, but most of them stay and plan to return to China next year.

Wayne Dyer, chairman of the New Zealand English Council, said 22 English language schools recruit about 17,000 students each year, but currently only teach about 3264 students. Most schools start every Monday, but there are no new students.

"Each month, 1400 to 1500 students should be enrolled, but they will not come this month, and they will probably not come next month."

"There will be students waiting, but the problem is not just an epidemic, but also a corresponding financial crisis, so the financial situation of some students will also be affected, and then some people's learning plans will be changed."

Dyer said that international students are the only source of income for language schools and they would have to start layoffs without government help. The schools will engage with the government to request additional support beyond the existing business package.