China News Agency, Beijing, March 30 (Reporter Liang Xiaohui) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference in Beijing on the 30th that he urged the United States to stop interfering in Venezuela's internal affairs.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying

A reporter asked a question. According to reports, on the 26th, the US Department of Justice announced that it would sue Venezuelan President Maduro and other senior officials for alleged "drug terrorism." US Secretary of State Pompeo said that the US State Department will offer a reward of 15 million US dollars for the arrest of President Maduro, and a reward of 10 million US dollars for the arrest of four close friends of President Maduro. What is China's comment?

Hua Chunying responded that Venezuela is a sovereign and independent country. China has always opposed any external forces infringing Venezuela's sovereignty and interfering in Venezuela's internal affairs under any pretext, and resolutely oppose illegal unilateral sanctions.

She said that China urged the United States to abide by the UN Charter and the basic norms of international relations and stop interfering in the internal affairs of the Venezuela. We call on all parties to focus on the well-being of the Venezuelan people and work together to do more things that are conducive to maintaining the stability of the Venezuelan and regional situation and promoting the peaceful resolution of the Venezuelan issue.

Hua Chunying also said that in order to help Venezuela cope with the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the Chinese government decided to send an anti-epidemic medical expert group to Venezuela. The expert group was set up by the National Health Committee and selected by the Jiangsu Province Health Committee. It has set out on March 29 and arrived on the 30th. (Finish)