(Countering new crown pneumonia) war speeches: "Central Revolution": release investment projects in advance to promote rapid economic recovery

China News Agency, Beijing, March 30 (Reporter Lu Mei) The Democratic Revolutionary Central Committee recently submitted a proposal to the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, suggesting the release of investment projects in advance, increasing support for temporary relief funds, giving play to the role of supply chain finance, and promoting market economic reforms. He pointed out that while winning the battle against epidemic prevention and control, we should promote the rapid recovery and development of the economy after the epidemic, and strive to minimize the adverse effects of the epidemic on economic operations.

Regarding the release of investment projects in advance, the proposal holds that examination and approval procedures should be reduced to speed up the examination and approval process. Expand the project reserve, encourage the adjustment of projects in the next year to this year, and provide support for economic development in the second half of the year. Carry out online transactions, release project demand lists, lock up a batch of production enterprises in advance, and sign contracts with upstream and downstream enterprises to help enterprises obtain business and loans and boost market confidence. Adopt a modest increase in the prepayment ratio and advance payment of project funds to maintain the cash flow of associated companies in the project chain and help the relevant companies to overcome temporary funding needs through a top-down blood transfusion method. At the same time, we must also do a good job of risk prevention and control, strengthen credit control, streamline procedures in accordance with laws and regulations, and strictly enforce contract management.

With regard to increasing the support of temporary relief funds, the proposal proposes that governments at all levels should step up the establishment of temporary relief funds, jointly financed by finance and financial institutions, and distributed to small, medium and micro enterprises in the form of special funds to effectively provide financial support for small and medium enterprises. To expand the size of the temporary relief fund, fiscal authorities at all levels should appropriately tilt, allocate available funds for capital injection, exert leverage, and form a joint effort with financial institutions to support small, medium and micro enterprises. Broaden the source of funds for temporary relief funds, and increase the supply of funds for state-owned enterprises and collective enterprises. The non-government contribution of the temporary bailout fund will be fully discounted by the financial government, and it will effectively provide low- or interest-free loans to small, medium and micro enterprises.

In terms of giving play to the role of supply chain finance, the proposal proposes that financial regulators should improve support policies for supply chain finance, further liberalize access restrictions, list negative lists, support the development of supply chain finance, and establish stable supply chain emergency preparedness. fund. Commercial banks, through supply chain finance companies, transfused blood to small and medium-sized enterprises on the supply chain to create high-level supply chain insurance and risk funds. Give play to the intermediate role of the supply chain financial company's risk buffer, consolidate the foundation of the real economy, and avoid systemic risk concentration outbreaks.

The proposal also proposes that to promote market economy reform, it is necessary to expand capital flows and accelerate the opening of knowledge-intensive service industries. Actively reduce the cost of land, energy, communications and logistics, relax access to basic industries, and deepen the reform of state-owned and state-owned enterprises. Accelerate the integration and development of the Internet industry and the real economy, and encourage enterprises to accelerate technological transformation and upgrading. Vigorously strengthen the infrastructure construction of the Internet, 5G, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and so on. Establish a priority support catalog for technological transformation of enterprises as soon as possible, so that enterprises have core technologies of independent intellectual property rights through technological transformation. Further improve the business environment evaluation index system with Chinese characteristics and international comparability, and rigidly guarantee the implementation of business environment standards with the rule of law. (Finish)