March 30, 2020 "There is a slowdown. We are witnessing a flattening of the curve, there are no signs of a drop yet but it is better. The important measures that have been taken are showing their effects". This was explained by the president of the Higher Institute of Health, Silvio Brusaferro, in an interview with "Repubblica". "In the meantime, we arrive until Easter and then we look at the data to determine how to proceed. I cannot be more precise because it is not possible to give a dry answer on these issues, the evolution of the epidemic must be seen. However, the final decision is not up to me "stresses Brusaferro." We have to observe a daily increase in cases lower than that of the previous 24 hours for a few consecutive days. The number of new infections must therefore be significantly reduced. To achieve this trend - he adds - it is necessary to respect government measures and also pay close attention to isolating the positives or their close contacts. The challenge on the one hand is certainly that of guaranteeing assistance to the hospital for those who need it, but on the other hand it is also that of looking after those with few symptoms. they have to do the isolation, at home or in a protected structure ".

On reopening, Brusaferro explains that "we are studying this aspect right now, to understand how to move once the curve is downhill. Unfortunately there are no examples to follow in the world, we will be the first to do such an operation and we are studying various models. The problem is understanding which forms of opening ensure that the curve does not return to grow. Certainly the reopenings will take place gradually and we will have to organize ourselves to be able to quickly intercept any new positive people. We are also evaluating an idea of ​​the British, that of "stop and go". He plans to open for a certain period and then close again ".