Today, Monday, the Palestinian Prisoner Club expressed its fears that five thousand Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons might be infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19), after two Israeli prisoners were infected with the epidemic, while a human rights organization considered that the occupation ignored the danger of spreading the virus.

In a statement, the Prisoners Club (non-governmental) said that there are great concerns about the fate of five thousand prisoners in the occupation prisons, after the recordings of corona injuries among the prisoners and investigators.

He pointed to the difficulty of obtaining information related to the conditions of the prisoners recently, due to the additional isolation measures imposed by the Occupation Prisons Administration, including stopping the visits of their families and lawyers.

The club also stressed the need to pressure Israel to have a neutral international medical committee, which would participate in inspecting the prisoners and ensuring their safety.

Earlier today, the Prisoners and Editors Affairs Authority (affiliated with the Palestine Liberation Organization) reported that the occupation authorities announced that three Israeli prisoners had been injured in Corona, two policemen in Ofer Prison and another in Ramle Prison.

For its part, the Israeli channel "12" stated that the competent authorities are following up the examination of infection infections among contacts who dealt with the prisoners who are infected with the virus.

This comes at a time when Palestinian factions called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to intervene and protect detainees in Israeli prisons, in light of the Coruna outbreak.

This was stated in a memorandum submitted by the Prisoners Committee of the National and Islamic Forces (including all Palestinian factions) to the Red Cross in Gaza.

Israel has reported more than 4,300 cases of coronavirus (Getty Images)

Neglect and denounce
The factions said that the Palestinian prisoners are subject to death due to deliberate medical negligence, solitary confinement and the prevention of medical examinations, noting that the occupation prevented entry to more than 140 items of the prisoners' protective and nutritional requirements, especially sterilization and cleaning materials, and prevented telephone contact between the prisoners and their families.

In keeping with these developments, the Euromed Observatory for Human Rights (Geneva-based) condemned the policies of the Israeli occupation in the West Bank, which consist of repeated incursions, attacks on civilians without any considerations for preventive measures, and a complete disregard for the risks of spreading the Corona virus, which is rampant in Israel.

The statement said: We are following with great concern reports of suspicious behavior of Israeli soldiers and settlers, during the incursions.

He continued: This behavior includes spitting towards parked cars, automated teller machines and shop locks, which raises fears of deliberate attempts to spread the infection with the virus, and cause terror in Palestinian society.

He considered that the Israeli incursions play a dangerous role in raising the possibility of spreading infection among the Palestinian population (...). Each storming operation represents a potential risk of spreading the virus in the Palestinian areas.

The number of persons infected with the Coronavirus in Israel reached 4,347, including IDF soldiers, while the number of deaths reached 16.