About half of Japanese tourists stranded in Peru, South America leave Japan 12:37 on March 30

About 260 Japanese tourists were stranded in Peru in South America following the spread of the new coronavirus, and Secretary-General Kan has chartered about half of the people so far. I made it clear.

In Peru, South America, international flights have been suspended since 15th of this month, and approximately 260 Japanese, who had been sightseeing locally, were unable to leave the country. I left the country on a charter aircraft arranged by the Taiwanese side for Taiwanese tourists.

At a press conference in the morning, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan said, `` According to the local embassy, ​​29 out of about 260 Japanese nationals staying in Peru will be chartered by local Taiwanese offices on the 28th of local time. We left the plane and arrived in Miami, USA, and have expressed our deep appreciation to the Taiwanese side. "

Secretary Suga also revealed that another 104 Japanese had left Peru on 29th local time and arrived in Mexico on a charter aircraft arranged by a private travel agency.