A large number of international students pass Southeast Asia, and Guangxi Port enters 100,000 people a day? fake

[Global Times reporter Xue Xiaole Guo Yuandan Ni Hao] "A large number of international students have gone to Southeast Asia ... Guangxi yesterday imported more than 100,000 people from land ports, and many Chinese diverted to Vietnam and Myanmar." This news has recently spread on the Internet in China. "Global Times" reporters interviewed people from related departments on the 29th, and they all said that this was a rumor and could not happen.

Relevant sources said that land, water and air border control measures are all the same. In addition, Southeast Asian countries have no less stringent border controls than China. Under the premise of strict measures by both sides, it is impossible for large-scale personnel to enter disorderly.

In the afternoon of March 29, the Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar and the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Ministry of Transport jointly issued a notice saying that in order to cope with the spread of the new crown virus, the Myanmar government temporarily closed the air for two weeks and did not allow all international commercial passenger flights to land at any airport in Myanmar. Prior to that, Myanmar had required all foreigners transiting in the country to be separated in situ for 14 days, stopped issuing visas to foreigners at all border crossings and checkpoints and barred foreigners from entering Myanmar through the border. Vietnam ordered a ban on all international flights as early as March 21.

In response to illegal cross-border behavior, China's border management department has adopted a strict precautionary posture. The article "China Discipline Inspection and Supervision News" published on March 29 introduced the work of Baise City in Guangxi to prevent the import of overseas epidemics. It was reported that a week ago, 13 foreign personnel illegally crossed the border into Bainan Township along the mountain and were immediately repatriated by the border management department according to law. In order to prevent the import of overseas epidemics, there are 83 villager groups, 83 report boxes and 17 border epidemic investigation duty stations in the whole township of Bainan Township.

Another message circulated on the Internet on the 29th said that "a large number of Chinese from Southeast Asia illegally entered from Fujian." On March 28, the Licheng Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province issued a notice stating that the newly diagnosed or suspected pneumonia patients stole the country (border) and related organizations, and smuggled and transported. A reporter from "Global Times" called a branch of the Quanzhou Public Security Bureau on the morning of the 29th. The wiring staff told the reporter that the possibility of illegal maritime smuggling exists, but no report has yet been received.