In China, a video of a Westerner who violates the instructions of a quarantine agent to wear a mask and spreads abusive speech is spreading the netizen's taste.

According to the Chinese media observer network and related videos on the 30th, a Western man refused to wear a mask in front of a department store in Xian, Shaanxi Province on the 29th and sweared at the quarantine agent.

Witnesses are said to have said that the man did this without a mask and was suddenly angry when he was tried to enter the apartment complex where he lived.

The man seemed unable to beat him, picking up a cell phone that fell on the ground and tossing it at someone else.

The man received a report and was arrested and investigated by the dispatched police officer.

In Weibo (Twitter for China), more than 240 million people read posts with hashtags saying, 'A foreign man refused to wear a mask and did not follow management measures and was departed on time.'

In addition, there were 140 million comments made by critics, such as "You should not allow them to enter forever" and "You were deliberately struggling with mischief."

(Photo = Yonhap News / PengPi Capture)