▲ U.S. market reveals teenage boy who has no insurance

In the U.S., a teenage high school student who died because he was denied urgent medical treatment because of lack of medical insurance was identified as Korean.

The boy is believed to be the first minor to die of corona19 in the United States.

According to the British daily Thesun on the 30th, the official death record of William Hwang (17 at the time), who died in California, the United States on the 18th (local time), states that his race is 'Korean' (KOREAN).

The military is believed to have died of Corona19, but it was only stated that further investigations were under way for the specific cause of death.

Earlier, Mayor Rex Paris, Mayor of Lancaster, went on an YouTube video to go to an emergency treatment facility for an emperor, but said, "They didn't cure the boy because he didn't have insurance."

The emergency treatment facility instructed Hwang to go to the emergency room of the public hospital, Antelope Valley Hospital, and on the way to the hospital, the heart attacked Hwang received six hours of resuscitation after arriving at the emergency room, but Mayor Paris said he could not recover. .

The military is believed to have died of septic shock, Dersun reported.

Corona19 is known to cause sepsis.

Los Angeles County announced on the 24th that it was the first teenage patient who died of Corona19 at the briefing, but the surviving family said they had no idea that the patient was Hwang.

The bereaved family was said to have even attended a funeral at the beginning of last week, without knowing that Hwang was caught in Corona 19.

"The family didn't know that Hwang was the boy in the news," said Mayor Paris. "They shook hands with their advisors at the funeral without knowing anything about Corona 19."

After Hwang's father had tried to take the Corona19 test, Mayor Paris added that he was only told to do it.

"The boy didn't meet the public health standards for getting a Corona19 diagnostic test," said Mayor Paris. "The only chance he had was after he passed away."

(Photo = Youtube capture of Lancaster market in California, Yonhap News)