`` Situation barely holding up before the declaration of emergency '' Chief Cabinet Secretary, March 30, 13:08

At a press conference on the morning of January 30, Secretary-General Suga at the press conference on the rapid expansion of the new coronavirus in Tokyo that he realized that he was holding up barely before reaching the `` declaration of emergency '' based on law. After that, he expressed his intention to work more closely with each prefecture and work hard to prevent the spread of infection.

In this context, Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan stated that the rapid spread of the new coronavirus in Tokyo was `` recognizing that the current situation is barely holding up in relation to the declaration of emergency. Yes. "

He added, "This is a very important time to avoid the rapid spread of infection in Japan, and the government, together with local governments, has been working more closely with the basic measures that we have formulated this time. We will do our best to prevent the spread of infection based on our policy. "

"Emergency declarations need to be judged carefully based on expert knowledge from many angles, given that they have a significant impact on people's lives."

Regarding the response to lockdown = city blockade, "Europe and the United States, where explosive spread has spread, have been forced to take hard measures such as blockade of cities and forced bans. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but please understand that it is to avoid more severe measures. "

Mr. Kan hoped that long-term warfare would be prepared, and said, "It is difficult at this time to assess the effects of self-restraint this weekend, but now it is time to avoid the rapid spread of infection in Japan. It is important that the government and local governments cooperate, cooperate, and consult while sharing awareness of the crisis, recognizing that this is an extremely important time. "