China is now focusing on normalizing the economy, with President Xi Jinping on the field. However, there is a growing concern about asymptomatic transmission, as there are confirmed cases of close contact with asymptomatic infections.

Correspondent Song Wook reports from Beijing.


Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Zhejiang Province in eastern China yesterday (29th).

This is a field tour that took place on the 19th after showing off the corona 19 war in Wuhan on the 10th.

Shi Xi wore a mask and toured the port of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, and auto parts factories.

As Ningbo is China's main export port and a large concentration of enterprises, Mr. Shi's visit is said to show his willingness to restore the economy as soon as possible.

In January to February, the profits of Chinese industrial enterprises fell 38% from a year ago.

As the government encourages resumption of production, plant utilization is rising rapidly, but as Corona19 spreads around the world, demand for Chinese goods is also plunging.

Accordingly, the Chinese government plans to implement aggressive fiscal policies, such as issuing special government bonds to stimulate the economy.

China Corona19 45 new confirmed people per day, 44 were foreign inflows.

However, the other one was confirmed in Henan Province as a person who had close contact with the 'asymptomatic person.'

In this regard, the infectious disease expert, Zhongnanshan Institute of Yuan, stressed that as the number of confirmed cases is decreasing, there are no large-scale asymptomatic infected people in China, but they must be alert to the high degree of infectivity.