Spain has taken over the baton as the number of entrants in Europe has diminished in Italy, where the situation was most severe. In Spain, there have been voices saying that the number of deaths per day has risen to 830 and that the medical system has reached its limit.

Reporter Park Ha-jung.


A hospital in the Spanish capital, Madrid, was put on the field and put on protective clothing to work on quarantine.

In Spain, all deaths from Corona 19 were 6,528, an increase of 838 from the previous day.

The number of deaths per day is the highest ever, more than in Italy.

With more than 78,000 confirmed patients, intensive care beds exceeded the acceptance limit and the medical system reached its limit.

Spain extended the state of emergency by April 12.

In Italy, the rate of increase in the number of confirmed patients is gradually slowing down.

As of 29th of local time, the cumulative number of confirmed patients across the country increased by 5,000 compared to the previous day, and this is the lowest since the 25th of the day.

However, as the nationwide immigration limit continues for more than a month, there are growing concerns about social anxiety, such as theft of food in the southern region.

In the United Kingdom, where the Crown Prince and Prime Minister were infected with Corona 19, it was also predicted that normalization could take more than six months.

[Jenny Harris / Chief Medical Officer, UK Department: Optimistically between 3 and 6 months. But it is uncertain. Only then will it be possible to review when it will normalize. You can go further.]

The number of corona19 confirmed cases in the world increased by 100,000 people in two days, all of which are 710000, and the death toll is 33,000.