President Moon Jae-in today (30th) announces the payment of the Corona19 Emergency Disaster Assistance at the third emergency economic conference. The final reconciliation was achieved last night, no matter how far and how much to give, but it seems promising to pay a maximum of 1 million won per household to 75% of all citizens.

Reporter Kim Jung-yun reports.


The proposal originally proposed by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance was a plan to pay cash-related measures such as gift certificates and check cards, not cash, as a 'emergency living support fund', with a standard median income of less than 100% and up to 10 million won per household for approximately 10 million households.

However, last night, during the coordination process of the high-level party council, the plan to expand the target from 120% to 150% of median income was discussed.

An official of the passport said, “The plan to pay about 150%, so about 75% of the total population, was influential.”

In other words, if you are a four-person household, all households with a monthly income of less than 7.11 million won may be included in the payment.

The Democratic Party's claim that it is necessary to broaden the payment range from at least half of the people, at least 70 to 80%, is said to be insufficient.

President Moon Jae-in will report on the contents of the consultation with the Party Administration and make a final decision, and announce plans to pay emergency living assistance at the 3rd emergency economic meeting held today.

This time, it is not a 'all-national payment', but as President Moon said, “If anyone makes a good proposal, I will review it.” If the economic crisis becomes more serious, there may be a change in the screening support policy.