Participation in a Permanent Japanese Taiwan charter aircraft stranded, partly departed March 29 11:41

In Peru, South America, where international flights have been suspended due to the spread of the new coronavirus, approximately 260 Japanese tourists have been stalled. A person has left Peru.

In Peru, South America, international flights have been suspended since an emergency was declared on the 15th of this month, and approximately 260 Japanese who were sightseeing at World Heritage Machu Picchu could not leave the country and were stranded at the hotel. Was.

According to the local Japanese embassy and other sources, about 30 of them departed on March 28 in a charter aircraft arranged by the Taiwanese side for Taiwanese tourists.

In addition, a local travel agency is arranging a charter flight from Cusco, Peru to Mexico City, the capital of Central America and Mexico, via Lima, so that applicants can board on a first-come, first-served basis. is.

However, this charter flight must be arranged on its own for return flights from Mexico to Japan, and people other than Cusco and Lima must move to the local airport on their own, and how many Japanese It is uncertain whether you can return home.