China News Service, March 30th. According to the real-time statistics of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:05 on the 30th Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in the world has exceeded 710,000, reaching 718685, and deaths The number of cases reached 33,881. Among them, the United States has the largest number of confirmed cases, approaching 140,000; the United Kingdom has nearly 20,000 diagnoses, and the mortality rate may increase within a week or two; the first senior official in France died of new crown pneumonia; and a cluster outbreak in a hospital in Vietnam.

On March 28 local time, people in the San Francisco Bay Area stood in long queues outside the Costco supermarket in Foster City, waiting to buy supplies. Photo by Liu Guanguan of China News Agency

Nearly 140,000 confirmed cases in the U.S.

Trump: Expected death inflection point in two weeks

According to real-time statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 6:05 on the 30th Beijing time, the cumulative diagnosis of new crown pneumonia in the United States reached 139,675, and the death toll rose to 2436. Nearly 60,000 confirmed cases were reported in New York State, the worst-affected area.

Local time on the 29th, Trump announced at the White House Rose Garden press conference that the 15-day "social distance epidemic prevention advice" promulgated two weeks ago was extended to April 30. Trump said that the United States will usher in a new inflection point in the mortality rate of new coronary pneumonia in two weeks, and the overall situation is expected to improve in early June.

New confirmed cases continue to decline in Italy

According to data from the Italian Civil Defense Department, as of 18:00 local time on March 29, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 97,689, and the cumulative number of deaths has reached 10,779. Compared with 18:00 on the 28th, 5217 new cases were confirmed and 756 deaths were added. New confirmed cases continue to show a downward trend.

On March 25, local time, in Venice, Italy, a man rowed to provide residents of Water City with daily vegetables and fruits.

French confirmed cases exceed 40,000; first senior official dies of new crown pneumonia

On the evening of the 29th local time, Salomon, the director of the General Administration of Health of France announced the latest epidemic statistics. On the 29th, France added 2599 confirmed cases, and the cumulative number of confirmed cases rose to 40,174; the number of newly added 292 death cases increased, and the cumulative death cases rose To 2606 cases.

Salomon said that on the 29th, there were 19,354 patients with new coronary pneumonia in France, an increase of 10% compared with the previous day; there were 4,362 cases of severe cases, which require continuous care. In severe cases, 34% of patients are under 60 years of age.

In addition, the 75-year-old President of the Upper Seine Council of the Greater Paris region, De Véjean, died on the 29th, becoming the first senior French official to die of new crown pneumonia.

Germany will introduce strict anti-epidemic measures

According to the website of the Robert Koch Institute in Germany, as of 4:00 on the local time on March 29, 3,965 new cases were confirmed in Germany, with a total of 52,547 cases and 389 deaths.

The German Federal Government and the local government have previously reached agreements to introduce severe measures to restrict public life in various places, including in principle prohibiting the gathering of two or more people in public places, prohibiting parties in public and private places, and restricting the operation of services such as restaurants.

Local time March 24, London, UK, empty train carriages on the Piccadilly line.

Nearly 20,000 confirmed deaths in the UK may increase in a week or two

On the 29th local time, the British Ministry of Health said that the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the country increased to 19,522, and the cumulative death cases reached 1,228.

Dr Jenny Harris, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England in the UK, said it could take 6 months or more for Britain to return to normal life. Over the next six months, the government will review restrictions every three weeks to assess whether these measures have achieved the desired effect in reducing the spread of new coronary pneumonia. She emphasized that the next two to three weeks were particularly critical to seeing the effectiveness of these measures, and that mortality rates could "increased in the next week or two".

Russia's cumulative diagnosis exceeded 1,500 cases Putin signed relief task list

According to the news from Russia ’s New Crown Virus Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on the 29th, in the past day and night, Russia added 270 new cases of New Crown virus infection, with a cumulative infection of 1,534 and a total of 8 deaths. The Mayor of Moscow ordered that residents of the city must be separated from home and not allowed to go out at will from the 30th.

In order to reduce the negative impact of the epidemic on the Russian economy, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a government task list on the 29th, which includes continuous monitoring of the Russian economy; introduced a loan program for the real economy; and increased unemployment benefits to the minimum wage ; Monthly allowances of 5,000 rubles to eligible children under 3 years of age; SMEs postponed payment of taxes, etc.

On March 24, local time, Russian President Putin, wearing protective clothing, visited a hospital on the outskirts of the capital Moscow that treats patients with new crown pneumonia.

A hospital outbreak in Vietnam

As of the 29th, a total of 188 cases have been confirmed in Vietnam without deaths. Aggregate infections have occurred in the White Plum Hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam, and at least 16 related confirmed cases have been closed.

Vietnamese authorities have required new coronavirus testing of 4,000 employees and 1,000 patients in the hospital. The Vietnamese government also requires that people who have been to Baimei Hospital after March 12 contact the relevant departments and quarantine themselves at home for 14 days. It is reported that more than 10,000 people have visited Baimei Hospital in the past 10 days.

The number of confirmed India patients on the fifth day of "closing the city" exceeded a thousand

The latest data released by the Indian Ministry of Health on the 29th showed that as of 20:00 local time on the 29th, there were 106 new confirmed cases in India, with a total of 1024 confirmed diagnoses, of which 95 were discharged from the hospital and 27 died.

The 29th is the fifth day of India ’s “closed city”. In the past few days, the number of confirmed cases in India has increased rapidly. The cumulative number of cases has rapidly increased from 519 on the 24th to 1024, with an average daily increase of more than 100.

On March 17, local time, a robot developed by an Indian company held a tray filled with masks and hand sanitizer. The two robots were launched to introduce people to the new crown virus.

4 dead 2 confirmed another cruise ship nowhere due to epidemic

Affected by the epidemic, the Dutch-American cruise ship "Zandan" was stranded in the waters of Panama. As of the 27th local time, at least 2 people were confirmed on the cruise ship carrying nearly 2,000 people. .

It is reported that the Panamanian Ministry of Health has allowed cruise ships to pass through the Panama Canal, allowing them to speed up to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. However, it is reported that Fort Lauderdale has not confirmed whether passengers are allowed to disembark.