Corona19 patients in the United States have exceeded 110,000. President Trump is considering forcing the containment of New York State, which is at the heart of the spread of Corona19.

This is a report from Correspondent Kim Yun-soo in Washington.


Corona19 patients across the United States have exceeded 110,000.

Nearly half of them are from 50,000 people from New York State. It serves as a center of corona spread in the United States.

For medical assistance, the large hospital ship Comfort departed for New York Harbor.

When the situation was pressing, President Trump said he would consider ways to contain New York.

[President Trump / US: We are considering compulsory containment in New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut, including travel bans.]

It's in the judgment that people coming and going to New York are moving the virus to other areas.

Florida has self-contained people from New York for two weeks.

The Governor of New York made his objection to the statement that forced containment would only create fear and only make things worse.

[Andrew Cuomo / Governor of New York: I'm not sure if forced containment is legally enforceable. I don't understand well, and I don't want to put it on my mouth.]

New York State Governor Cuomo says it will take two to three weeks to reach the peak of New York State patients, not to mention forced containment.