Training at home right now is on the surface, understandably. Coronavirus has shut down gyms and other public sports venues and people around the world are being urged or told to stay in their homes.

Of course, even in times of social isolation and coronary quarantine, it is good to try to move yourself, even if there is no place for familiar training sites.

With the coronavirus, social media has been filled with a variety of home workout videos and tips. However, some training tips should be left in the best hands.

American actor and stunt man Yoshi Sudarso published a sample of his own home workout on social media. Burpee, a general movement, is a familiar and useful exercise, but with Sudarson handling, familiar and safe becomes a stunning skill. A hard-working skillet completes its frog burst with back flips.

This movement hardly works for many home trainers:

In her Instagram account, Sudarso said that the home conditions, low room and small space, forced her to turn ordinary backward volts into "frogs".

Sudarso, 30, is an actress born in Indonesia and immigrated to the United States as a child who has made stunts for many films and TV shows.

Amidst the corona crisis, he has urged people to stay indoors and stay away from others. Frog burpees are not the only stunning home workout video found on his Twitter account.

- I'm training my kicks in a small room. To be a little scary, Sudarso wrote in the video below.