Repik said that "it is planned to issue QR codes to citizens with a clear description of both their place of residence and, accordingly, their place of work."

He explained that those residents of the capital who need to work not remotely, "but what is called in fact, they will be given this right as much as it will be determined by the economic situation."

And those working on a remote site, according to him, in the QR code “will not have a second point - a place of work, but this does not mean that they will not be able to go to a pharmacy or a grocery store”.

Starting March 30, Moscow introduced a home self-isolation regime for all residents of any age.

It is noted that in the coming days in Moscow it will be possible to go outside if there is a special pass issued in the manner established by the Moscow government. As explained in the operational headquarters of Moscow on the situation with coronavirus, at the moment, a special permit for movement around the capital is not required, a special document will be required after the publication of a separate act.

As of March 29, 1014 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the capital.

Earlier it became known that in Russia four patients died in a day who were diagnosed with coronavirus infection. The total number of deaths in the country from the effects of COVID-19 has increased to eight.