In response to the Corona 19 incident on the 29th, the National Assembly Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo proposed to increase the voting day from one day to three days, and increase the pre-voting period from two days to five days.

After completing two weeks of self-isolation after the medical service in Daegu, Ahn held a press conference at the Deputy Assembly Officer of the National Assembly and said, "You must urgently review how to induce a sufficient decentralized vote."

"In the Corona 19 situation, what would you do if you voted in a row at a time of one day? What will you do between voters? What will you do to ensure that the next person does not dictate the person in front of the closed ticket office?" Now, there are many things to consider, such as how to allow more self-isolators to vote. "

"The government must find a way to actively respond to it because it can lead to a lot of voters who are wrong," he said.

Ahn also proposed a 'relay TV debate' in which all political parties in the park participate, considering that the election campaign was not smooth with Corona 19.

Ahn said, "The current election situation is absolutely beneficial to the vested party." We should continue to hold relay TV debates by sector in which all political parties participate in the election to ensure the right to know. "

Along with this, Mr. Ahn suggested that after the opening of the 21st National Assembly ▲ special constitutional amendments ▲ special political culture improvement ▲ future strategic specialties ▲ and regular political party meetings.

In addition, the main assembly of the National Assembly said that it would introduce the National Assembly system on the 3rd, where 300 nationals will listen to free speech.

(Photo = Yonhap News)