The American and British embassies in Saudi Arabia announced that they will organize flights to America and Britain to evacuate the citizens of the two countries from Saudi Arabia and return them to their home countries.

The US embassy in Riyadh said it was working with the Saudi authorities to arrange for American citizens to return flights to the United States on commercial airlines.

The embassy added - in a statement - that there have been no confirmed flights or departure or arrival sites yet, and it is likely that the flights will be announced and announced shortly before they happen.

For its part, the British Embassy said in an email that Saudi Airlines agreed to operate exceptional commercial flights to allow British citizens and their families to return to their country.

She added that Saudi Airlines will operate flights this week, starting from March 29 from Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam to Heathrow Airport in London, and will operate additional flights if necessary.

And increased the cases of Corona virus in Saudi Arabia on Friday to 1104, after recording 92 new infections.