March 28, 2020 Two brothers, who attend elementary schools in Montevarchi (Arezzo), alone at home in quarantine. The two adult figures of reference and with whom they lived, the mother and the grandmother, were infected by the coronavirus: the mother, a health worker, was hospitalized in the infectious disease department of the hospital in Arezzo, while the eighty-year-old grandmother unfortunately passed away last Thursday in the same hospital. It is one of the many stories of family dramas that characterize this pandemic.

The story is told today by the newspaper "La Nazione" which specifies, however, how the two brothers are assisted by a solidarity network that involves the whole town of the Valdarno of Arezzo, with the mayor Silvia Chiassai appointed tutor.

Around the two children - the older one acts as a baby daddy to the youngest - a safety net was set up in which relatives, family friends, the parish, the associative fabric that has always been the pride of Montevarchi, have been laid.

Parked in the garden below the house, properly sanitized, reports "La Nazione", a 24-hour motorhome is stationed with one volunteer in turn, ready to rush in an emergency. He constantly talks to the children who look out the window, pulls out a folding chair and sits quietly listening, suggesting, giving directions. The brothers, in turn, collaborate with the maturity of two adults and constantly maintain, through video calls, contacts with the hospitalized mother.

Even during the night the surveillance service does not stop, the little ones also have a telephone number available to call at any time.

No problem for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners: the volunteer goes up with the bag of ready meals and leaves it on the threshold where the children collect it. It is the brothers themselves who compile the shopping list.

The young are well, show no symptoms but in the next few hours they will be subjected to the swab.

The mother's condition would be improving and the hope is that she will return to her two children as soon as possible.