A special operation is under way at Oulunsalo Airport, when a flight from Thailand's Krabi is expected to bring 284 travelers back to Finland.

In addition to the Border Guard, air passengers are met by police and the Oulu City Health and Social Services.

The City Administration has ordered the city to participate in the reception of the flight.

- The city health authorities will confront the flight and check the health of the passengers, advise on quarantine and direct transportation. Symptoms are routed to sampling. If the situation so requires, quarantine accommodation is also available, says Jorma Mäkitalo, Health Director.

According to Mäkitalo, no passenger leaves the airport without proper permission. Exit permits will be issued with a permit to leave the airport.

Health Director Jorma Mäkitalo.

Photo: Ville Honkonen

Arrivals are asked about the destination and the place of residence at the border check. After the border check, people are referred to a health checkpoint where their health is checked.

"It can be used to measure heat and to measure oxygen levels in the blood, because it can fork out on the spot whether lung function is impaired and whether an ambulance is needed," Mäkitalo says.

If the entrant does not have an address in Finland, an emergency accommodation will be purchased. Everyone is asked to continue their journey home from the airport. If no relatives or friends meet, and the mover does not take a taxi, the city will get a ride home by bus or taxi.

- The ride will take you to your door and you will not go anywhere. After that, they must stay home for quarantine. Here, we trust the entrants that they will indeed be quarantined, Mäkitalo emphasizes.

Krabi flight has been granted an exceptional landing permit for Oulu. The landing points for international flights in Finland are Helsinki and Turku during an emergency.