• Coronavirus, Renzi: "Well Conte in the courtroom. From today a real discussion"
  • Conte: "Epoch-making challenge for the EU, avoid tragic mistakes. School closings will continue beyond April 3"


March 28, 2020 "We need a plan for reopening and we need it now. Factories must reopen before Easter. Then the rest. Shops, schools (on May 4), bookstores, churches. Attention is needed, gradualness is needed. But we need to reopen. " The words spoken by Matteo Renzi - in several interviews - are raising a real fuss. Attacks against the leader of Italia Viva come not only from the political world, but also from that of science.

"Dear Matteo Renzi, your declaration that we have to reopen before Easter is not very serious. We will be able to reopen when the curve starts to flex seriously. Otherwise the lockdown will have been useless and we will have to reapply it at the first rekindling of an outbreak." So the leader of 'Action', Carlo Calenda. Even harder the comment by Mario Adinolfi, leader of the 'People of the family': "Crazy interview by Renzi who, at 2.9% in the last poll (and there are those who tease the PTO who takes 1.3%), try to to do the Craxi of the negotiation when everyone was for firmness ".

Fratoianni: "We don't need irresponsible sorcerers' apprentices"
"I see that Renzi proposes to reopen schools and businesses before Easter. On what scientific basis does he do it?". This was stated by Nicola Fratoianni of the Italian Left-Leu. "You really don't realize, for example - continues the exponent of Leu - that if the factories had closed in the North a few weeks earlier we would have had different developments in the spread of the infection? Frankly I think we don't need sorcerer's apprentices irresponsible. The sooner the virus is defeated, the sooner it will be possible to return to our lives. "

Lopalco: "We don't give false expectations and hopes"
"Thinking about reopening schools on May 4th is madness and making proclamations at this time is wrong." So the epidemiolgo Pierluigi Lopalco, of the University of Pisa and president of the Transversal Pact for Science (PTS), comments on the proposal made by Renzi. "We must be cautious and give illusions if we don't have data - Lopalco remarks - today we only have a faint hope in Lombardy but for example in Milan the situation is not yet under control. How do we reopen schools if we don't have certainties. We don't give false expectations and hopes ".

Velardi: "Renzi is the only one to design a strategy"
But there are also those who take sides alongside Renzi such as the journalist Claudio Velardi: "Go ahead and insult him, but Matteo Renzi is the only one who draws a strategy, upstream and courageous. He says words that are not simple. Look ahead. The others they are stunt doubles, "he writes on Twitter.