Immunology expert, Dr. Anthony Fushi, warned Americans late yesterday against preparing for the second round of the Corona virus epidemic, reassuring them that they will be able to overcome it.

During a press conference at the White House held on Wednesday evening, Fushi said: "Southern hemisphere officials have noticed an outbreak of the virus in the winter season, and if their infection is severe, we must be prepared to deal with the second round."

Dr. Fushi said that the United States urgently needs to continue working on developing an effective vaccine to deal with the Coronavirus if it returns soon or seasonally in the future, adding: "I am sure we will succeed in stopping the spread of the virus at the present time, but we really need To prepare to deal with the next round. "

Dr. Fushi said that his Chinese colleagues at the World Health Organization had told him they were concerned about the return of the virus after they overpowered it again.
He added, "They have very few cases, but what they started to see is that while they started easing travel restrictions, they started receiving imported cases from abroad. My Chinese colleagues have told me that the United States should know very well that the return of the virus It is not excluded, and I would like to remind the government that we do not want to import any cases from abroad. "

Dr. Fushi also warned that although the outbreak curve has finally reached its climax, this does not mean that fighting with this new virus that has struck the world widely and very quickly has ended, saying: "This does not mean that we will declare victory when its outbreak is stopped, But we will have reached what we want, at least. "