Teresa Halaseh, a Jordanian fighter, died today, Saturday, in the Jordanian capital, Amman, after a struggle with lung cancer at the age of 65.

The Jordanian militant became involved in the resistance work in occupied Palestine at the age of 17, and she became famous for her role in a process that took place in 1972. She and three guerrillas hijacked a Belgian company, Sabina, at Brussels Airport, with 140 Israelis on board, to demand a prisoner exchange. Jordanians and Palestinians to the occupation.

When the operation seemed to have failed, Teresa and her comrades refused to surrender when the plane attacked a special squad of Israeli forces who disguised themselves as members of the International Red Cross, and among them was the current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the clash, Teresa shot Netanyahu, wounding him in the shoulder, before she was captured, following her injury.

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The Jordanian militant remained in the occupation prisons until 1983, when she was released in an exchange deal.

She was born in the Old City of Acre, in the north of Palestine, to an Arab Jordanian Christian family. She decided to join the ranks of the armed action when she saw with her own eyes in Acre in 1970, the arrest occurring at sea from what was later known as the Acre group, where one of its members was killed by Acre, and upon his funeral, the Israeli forces prevented his family from seeing his body before burial, to prevent the detection of torture Who was exposed.