Hamburg (dpa) - The Hamburg Ohnsorg Theater, which has been in use for more than 100 years, has run into financial difficulties due to the corona-related interruption of the performances.

“The next season was already planned, and we would have had three major productions this season as well. Now we are in acute financial difficulties, »said artistic director Michael Lang the« picture ». "I'm worried about the continued existence of the house." Nevertheless, the theater maker was also confident that the house would go on: "There will be an 'after' in Ohnsorg. Together we can do it."

Lang added that the Low German stage lives on the receipts at the till. "They're breaking away now." But the costs remained. In addition, the house went in advance for outstanding performances. According to the report, the director intends to apply for short-time work for employees and contracted actors.

Like other theaters in the Hanseatic city, the house at Hamburg Central Station had to stop its Low German performances in mid-March due to the spread of the new corona virus. "The red velvet curtain in the Ohnsorg Theater and the door to the Ohnsorg Studio will therefore remain closed until April 30th," the website says.

The Hamburg Ohnsorg Theater is an institution in the German theater scene. Heidi Kabel and Henry Vahl once belonged to the stars. In the 2017/2018 season, around 128,000 people visited the venue, the occupancy rate was 71.2 percent. The result is slightly below the black zero, said the director with regard to the previous season.

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