Europe Accepting patients across borders New Coronavirus March 29 7:33

In Europe, where the spread of the new coronavirus is widespread, the number of severely ill patients has surged and medical institutions may not be able to provide adequate treatment. Cooperation across borders has also begun, including the acceptance of international cooperation.

In Europe, the number of infected people has exceeded 92,000 in Italy, 72,000 in Spain, and 37,000 in France on the 28th, and the spread of infection has not been stopped.

As a result, medical institutions in areas with rapidly increasing numbers of severely ill patients, such as northern Italy and eastern France, may not be able to provide adequate treatment. We transport patients to the southern and western parts of the country, where there are few.

Cross-border cooperation has also begun, with neighboring countries accepting severely ill patients. On March 28, a German military plane with six patients from northern Italy arrived at an airport in western Cologne.

Switzerland and Luxembourg also accept critically ill patients from Italy and France.

With the spread of the new coronavirus, strict border controls are being implemented among EU member states.

German Defense Minister Kuramp Karenbauer wrote on Twitter that "Transnational support is important. Europe is united." He emphasized the need for European unity in the crisis.