Paris (AFP)

The CFDT, FO and CFTC road transport unions call on drivers to "individually" exercise their right of withdrawal from Monday in the event of "breaches" of health protection measures against the coronavirus.

"Unfortunately, we can only note that the working conditions of employees in terms of health security are not there," said the three unions in a joint statement.

"Even if efforts have been made," they admit, "this is very poor in terms of health risks and it is becoming more and more dangerous in the face of this pandemic".

According to the three organizations, "the observation is recurrent from day to day", with a "lack of masks, gloves and hydroalcoholic gel", a "lack of accessible sanitary and showers", catering services "not widespread enough" and "customers who do not respect drivers fairly".

Unions demand "seriously protective devices to act in + wartime +". They ask in particular for "stopping non-essential transport", the "requisitioning of rest areas, petrol stations, roadside restaurants" and, for medical transport, "the same protections as emergency doctors".

FO last week alone launched and then lifted an appeal for the right of withdrawal from 23 March for "non-essential" road transport and logistics workers. The union said it had lifted its appeal after obtaining a series of government commitments to ensure the safety of drivers during the coronavirus epidemic.

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