Madrid's health authorities dispute the video's claim that hospitals would no longer provide ventilators for patients over the age of 65. In Spain, the situation caused by the coronavirus is critical.

In Spain, 4,858 people have already died of covid-19, the second highest in the world after Italy.

Still, the situation is not as bad as the video claims. According to Madrid's health authorities, they have enough ventilators in intensive care units and spare to treat new coronavirus patients, reports The Olive Press, a Spanish news site.

In the video, a Spanish-speaking man calls the epidemic "genocide."

- I've got a couple of voice mails, which tell you that more than 65 years removed from breathing machines in Madrid, because the machines are not enough, and they want to give to younger patients, says a crying man.

The video also hears an audio tape of a woman claiming to be a nurse telling elderly patients about sedating with sedative drugs before they die.

The Spanish fact-checking site has told OlivePress that the man featured in the video would not be a certified doctor.