Prime Minister Jung Se-gyun on the 27th in relation to the spread of coronavirus infection-19 (corona19) in Japan said, "In recent years, there have been a significant number of confirmed persons in Tokyo. "It's very likely."

Prime Minister Chung replied to a Japanese reporter's question asking if he plans to extend the actions of the Korean government in Japan regarding Corona 19 at a press conference held at the Korea Press Center.

On the 5th, Japan announced measures such as waiting for 14 days for immigrants coming from Korea and banning entry into the country.

In response, the Korean government decided to ban visa-free entry into Japan and suspend the validity of already issued visas as part of the next day's countermeasures.

Prior to the question and answer with reporters, Chung said in a remark that "As a result of responding to the nationwide efforts, the number of corona19 confirmed cases in Korea has decreased to two digits in recent days except for the number of confirmed cases of foreign inflows."

In addition, he said, "The operation to combat Corona19 in our country is being developed as a national movement in which governments, local governments and medical personnel, firefighters, soldiers, and volunteers are participating in large numbers."

"But in a situation where we can never be optimistic, the fight against Corona 19 can be longer," he said. "We are not vigilant and are preparing for a long war."

Prime Minister Chung explained, "In a nutshell, to briefly describe our attitude toward the war against Corona 19, we can compress it into four words: rapid, transparent, innovative, and autonomous."

Prime Minister Chung said, “We are blocking 'Corona 19' promptly by conducting more than 10,000 diagnostic tests every day.“ With the regular briefing twice a day, the status of the occurrence of Corona 19 and the government and local governments 'transparently' It is released. "

"We are responding to Corona 19 in an 'innovative' way, such as identification of the entrants using IT technology, drive-through screening, self-isolation apps, etc." , "Washing hands, wearing a mask, etc., we are fighting the war against Corona 19" by citizen autonomy. "

"Humanity has won many wars against infectious diseases such as smallpox, plague, tuberculosis and the Spanish flu," said Prime Minister Chung. "If humans gather wisdom, they can also win the war against Corona 19."

On the other hand, when asked if he could sign a currency swap agreement with more countries such as Japan, Prime Minister Chung said, "The currency swap with Japan, which has long lasted in the past, has greatly contributed to the foreign exchange market." I think it's right. "

He added that "the Japanese currency is important because the currency swap with Japan has not been extended due to the Japanese side's position."

South Korea and Japan began a discussion to sign a currency swap in August 2016, but ended discussions in January last year due to a conflict over the issue of installing a girl statue in front of the Japanese Consulate in Busan.

(Photo = Yonhap News)