"We must attach great importance to the prevention and treatment of asymptomatic infections." Prime Minister Li Keqiang emphasized when he hosted a meeting of the Central Leading Group on New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Situation on March 26.

The full name of "asymptomatic infection" is "asymptomatic infection of neocoronavirus", which refers to those who have no clinical symptoms, but positive for the pathogenic test of neocoronavirus in respiratory specimens.

At the meeting, Li Keqiang pointed out that at the beginning of the epidemic, we focused on treating people infected with the new coronavirus symptomatically, especially the critically ill and critically ill patients. Now we must continue to consolidate the phased results of the domestic epidemic prevention and control. While we are fully treating severe and critically ill patients and doing community prevention and control, we attach great importance to issues such as "prevention and treatment of asymptomatic infection".

"Is the asymptomatic infected person infectious? Will the condition develop and change further? The health committee will organize experts to seriously study and judge and come up with a scientific prevention and treatment plan. This is important for us to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control and prevent loopholes in prevention and control. Content. "The Prime Minister said," Relevant departments should take this issue seriously, seek truth from facts, and promptly and publicly respond to social concerns. "

Data show that there are four main ways to find asymptomatic infections: first, active detection during medical observation of close contacts of new coronary pneumonia cases; second, active detection carried out in aggregated epidemic investigations; third, infection of new coronary pneumonia cases The active detection of the exposed population during the source tracking process, and the fourth is the active detection of travel history and residence history in some areas with continuous transmission of neo-coronary pneumonia cases.

"No matter what kind of asymptomatic infection is found, it is necessary to formulate a clear scientific prevention and treatment plan in accordance with medical rules, and resolutely curb possible new virus infections and epidemic transmission." The Prime Minister said.

Li Keqiang said that since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the relevant departments have been continuously adjusting the diagnosis and treatment plan according to the changes in the situation, and the situation of asymptomatic infection must also respond to the changes and scientifically respond.

"In short, our purpose is one: to fully protect the lives, health and safety of the people," said the Prime Minister.