The mastermind pleaded guilty in public, South Korea's "House N" case was dug: there are still more than ten years old artist among the victims

[Global Times Special Correspondent Liu Yuan, Global Times Special Correspondent, Jin Huizhen] Zhao Zhoubin, who is the main culprit of the "House N" incident in South Korea and whose net name is "Doctor", was publicly revealed on the 25th, becoming the first in South Korea. Criminals who have been publicly displayed for sexual crimes. As the "House N" case continued to ferment, South Korean media dug out more details about the crimes of Zhao Zhoubin and his associates, which angered public opinion. Some experts said that sneak shots, sexual abuse and exploitation of women have been happening in South Korea in recent years, and the South Korean government should amend laws to severely punish cyber sex crimes.

"Devil's Life" cannot extricate himself

According to the Yonhap News Agency reported on the 25th, when Zhao Zhoubin was handed over to the prosecutor by the police that morning, Zhao Zhoubin was arranged to stand in front of the media to reveal his true content. Facing reporters, Zhao Zhoubin said: "I sincerely apologize to all those who have been hurt by me, and thank you for stopping me in the life of the devil." But for "whether to admit to spreading sexual exploitation videos" or "speak to minors" What "and other questions, Zhao Zhoubin remained silent.

The South Korean News Agency noted on the 25th that when Zhao Zhoubin appeared that day, he wore a neck brace on his neck and a band-aid on his forehead (pictured). According to police, after Zhou Zhoubin was detained at the police station at 16 Sunset Net, he tried to harm himself with a ballpoint pen and banged his head against the wall.

In addition, according to the Korea Chosun Ilbo, Zhao Zhoubin was taken to the hospital after self-harm. As a result, he developed fever and other symptoms, so he was tested for the new crown virus. As a result of this "interlude", the floor of the Cyber ​​Security Team of the Seoul Local Police Department who investigated Zhao Zhoubin was forbidden to enter and exit for a while, and related personnel who had contacted him were also isolated in a separate space. It is reported that Zhao Zhoubin's final test result was negative.

Underage artists become "slaves"

According to Korean media reports, although the police have not yet confirmed, according to the personal information left by the virtual currency exchange, not only public servants, professors, popular entertainers, but also sports stars and famous startup companies among the tens of thousands of fee-paying members in "House N". CEO and other celebrities. Therefore, if the identities of these people are disclosed in the course of future investigations, it is expected to cause a lot of trouble. In addition, a number of Korean media exposed Zhao Zhoubin ’s chat records with members on the 25th. Zhao Zhoubin claimed that there were also “slaves” who could not violate his own words, and also publicized: “There are videos of underage artists in their teens, just pay Entering the senior room, you can open the video. "From December last year to January this year, Zhao Zhoubin mentioned more than ten artists in the chat. Zhao Zhoubin said that high-definition videos of celebrities can be seen in the 1.5 million won (about 8600 yuan) room. If members have doubts about the authenticity of the video, Zhao Zhoubin will upload personal information such as the artist's ID number and address And strive to gain trust.

According to South Korean SBS TV, Zhao Zhoubin is also suspected of premeditating the murder of a girl. It was reported that Jiang, who was suspected to be a member of "House N", asked Zhao Zhoubin to "clean up" female A for himself last year, for which he paid Zhao Zhoubin 4 million won. After getting the money, Zhao Zhoubin told Jiang that he would kill A's daughter, and learned from Jiang somewhere the girl's kindergarten address. Although the crime was ultimately not committed, the police are currently referring the case to the prosecutors on suspicion of pre-murder. South Korean prosecutors will raise Zhao Zhoubin as early as the 26th.

In addition to Zhao Zhoubin, there are three other owners of the “House N” that the South Korean police have discovered, and two of them have been arrested. According to the Korean CBS TV station, in the "N room" circle, the owner of the net name "WatchMan" (Quan, 38 years old) is actually more famous than Zhao Zhoubin. He is considered to be "the" N room " Design director with bigger models. " Quan was arrested by the police late last year for allegedly distributing teen pornographic videos online. In February this year, the prosecution asked the court to sentence him to 3 years and 6 months without finding out that Quan had a connection with the "room N" incident. Another owner, Kelly (Shen, 32), of Room N, was also sentenced to one year's imprisonment in the first instance last November. "GodGod", the founder of the "room N" model, is still a missed fish.

"Sexual assault culture" forces legal reform

The "House N" incident triggered domestic debates on "sexual assault culture". A person from the South Korean Ministry of Justice lamented that the insufficient investigation and punishment of cyber crimes by the Korean judiciary in the past was the cause of such tragedies as the "House N" incident. We deeply reflect on this. On the 25th, "Jingxiang News" also quoted the analysis of Bok Cangwon, a member of the Korean parliament from the bailiff, who said that although the criminal nature of Zhao Zhoubin was very bad, according to current Korean law, Zhao Zhoubin may be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in prison. Pang Cangyuan pointed out that if in the United States only the collection of child pornography videos would be sentenced to severe sentences, and the sentence would be proportional to the number of videos.

Xu Chengxi, head of the Korean Sexual Violence Counseling Center, said that there is still a "sexual assault culture" in Korean society, the media and popular culture acquiesce to sexual violence, and criticized that the victim women did not know the checkpoint. "This industrial structure encourages people to believe that they can make money by trading women as merchandise, and label the victims as a" casual woman "," she said. Xu Chengxi called on the government to enact new laws as soon as possible to include cybercrime provisions and increase Punishment.