New York state of the United States seriousness of shortage of respirators Serious increase in new corona patients March 26 12:20

With the surge of new coronavirus cases, Governor Cuomo of the State of New York said, `` There has been no need for such a number of ventilators so far, '' renewed support to the U.S. government and others. Requested.

Governor Kuomo said in a press conference on Tuesday, "It has never been anticipated that so many ventilators will be needed. We are looking for ventilators, ventilators anyway. It's a respirator and a respirator. "

As of the 25th, there were approximately 3,800 inpatients with the new coronavirus in New York State, of which approximately 900 were treated in intensive care units.

Medical institutions in the state are said to have about 4,000 ventilators, but Governor Cuomo has told the U.S. government and others that if the number of severely ill patients increases at this pace, a maximum of 40,000 will be required. He is seeking assistance to secure 30,000 respirators, but has reached only 400 as of the 24th.

He also pointed out that the medical institution's bed would be "up to 140,000 beds", compared to the current 53,000 beds, and the state was renovating facilities that carry out large-scale events, etc. We are preparing to accept.

In New York State, recruiting retired nurses and doctors is urging them to recruit, saying that there are not enough medical workers to handle respirators.