New Corona Infection More than 400,000 people worldwide Will not stop in Europe and the United States March 26 12:19

The number of people infected with the new coronavirus exceeds 400,000 in the world, especially in Europe, where the number of people killed in Spain surpasses China and is the second highest in the world after Italy. Has not been stopped. On the other hand, there is a serious shortage of medical supplies such as masks at medical sites, and the World Health Organization (WHO) is urging each country to take urgent measures.

According to the WHO announcement and other sources, as of the 25th, the number of new coronavirus infections was 414,179, more than 400,000, and more than half of them, more than 220,000, have been confirmed in Europe.

The number of people killed has reached 7,500 in Italy, and in Spain it is around 3,400, surpassing China, and the situation is even more severe in both countries alone, exceeding 10,000.

In the United States, where infections are rapidly spreading, 737 people died as of the 24th.

As the spread of infection continues to stop, a serious problem is the shortage of medical supplies at medical sites. In Italy and Spain, gloves and other items are lacking, and the number of infections among health care workers who treat them is increasing.

In addition, Governor Cuomo of the eastern New York State, which has the highest number of infected people in the United States, expressed a sense of danger that respirators, beds and medical staff were overwhelmingly lacking, and called on the government for immediate assistance. .

In a press conference on Wednesday, WHO technical director Bankerkov pointed out that "healthcare professionals do not have enough medical masks and gloves," and the limited number of medical masks We are urging countries to take action as soon as possible, not to people in the country, but to frontline healthcare professionals.