Since March 23, 2020, it is now prohibited to practice a sporting activity more than one kilometer from home. - UGO AMEZ / SIPA

  • The Girondin Aymerick Dupouey created, on Tuesday, the site to help the French during their confinement and in their now more restricted journeys.
  • With one click, the tool allows you to see the area where you can practice "an individual sporting activity" while respecting government recommendations.

He is "more in the strategy of minimum displacement" and has only left his home "twice in ten days". Confined to Talence (Gironde), Aymerick Dupouey still chose to help the French in their now more restricted trips. So the government has just limited the “individual physical activities of people” to “brief movements, within the limit of one hour daily and within a maximum radius of one kilometer” around the place of containment, the thirty-something launched one km. Fr. The idea? Know in one click, how far you have the right to go stretch your legs.

If you don't really have the compass in your eye and don't know the distance that a kilometer can represent, just go to the mini-website and activate your position. Then appears a circle drawing the famous area not to be exceeded. “I wanted to help people in their daily lives, by creating something useful and practical. I did not want to create yet another site allowing simple access to the certificate, then I came up with the idea of ​​this ultra-simple tool that can help out, ”explains the 31-year-old young man.

"There are always critics, but the feedback is pretty good"

After Prime Minister Edouard Philippe hardened the rules of containment, Aymerick immediately tested his tool with his sports colleagues. The trick pleases. To benefit as many people as possible, the cloud system engineer then posts an ad on the Wanted Comminuty page in Bordeaux.

"There are always critics, but the feedback is pretty good," says the confined Talençais who will not be able to know if his initiative is a hit: "To avoid fueling controversy or misunderstanding, I do not track, I do not track collects no personal data. It is therefore impossible for me to know if my site is successful. "Aymerick, he tested" only once to get some air ". Jogging, the engineer leaves that to the motivated who, for some, thanked him on Facebook via private messages.


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