The new crown pneumonia epidemic has spread globally, and epidemic prevention and control measures in various countries have escalated. Many Chinese citizens stranded abroad find themselves facing a problem: what to do if their visas have expired?

To address this issue, many countries have introduced temporary visa extension policies. Xiaoqiao (ID: qiaowangzhongguo) sorted it out for the partners, and can forward it to friends and relatives if necessary.


At present, the Italian Immigration Service has relaxed the expiry period of the residence permit, from 60 days to 90 days, and overseas Chinese and foreign students can submit extension applications to the Immigration Service.

Don't worry if you are holding a visa that is about to expire or has expired, you can apply for a temporary stay permit to the nearest police station and return to China in an orderly manner after the epidemic has stabilized.

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Recently, the Berlin Immigration Office of Germany suspended its foreign offices. The embassy in Germany recommends citizens who need to extend their visas, pay close attention to the official website of the foreign affairs administration or immigration office of their place of residence, and understand the specific situation by email or phone.

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United Kingdom

On March 24, local time, the British Home Office announced that foreign citizens holding British visas can be extended to May 31 if their visas expire between January 24 and May 31.

note! Applicants are required to provide information such as name, date of birth, nationality, current visa number, etc. to the New Zealand Pneumonia Immigration Working Group and explain why they cannot leave the UK on time. The UK Home Office will notify the parties concerned after the visa extension process is completed.

Tel: 08006781767 (Reception time: Monday to Friday 09: 00-17: 00)

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If Chinese citizens in the Netherlands need to apply for an extension, they can call the Immigration Department and provide the visa number. The extended visa is only valid in the Netherlands and the relevant information will be registered in the European Visa Information System. The approval of the extension application is determined by the Dutch Immigration Service.

Netherlands Immigration Office Tel: + 31-880430430, working days 9 am to 5 pm.

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Relevant authorities in Portugal have stipulated that at present, short-term visas and residence visas need to apply to the Portuguese Foreigner and the Border Agency for extension. The public can make appointments at any reception point through the appointment system. The appointment information includes the place, date and time of the application.

Data Map: Lisbon, Portugal


International students, tourists, and foreign workers who cannot leave Canada with restricted travel can apply to the Immigration Department for extension of stay in Canada. Applicants whose status has expired may reapply for the corresponding status or apply for a temporary residence permit.

Attention Chinese students who are applying for a Canadian student visa! If the applicant cannot proceed with the next application due to the impact of the epidemic, it will not be the basis for refusal because the visa application is not completed. If you want to withdraw your application, you can also fill out the form online, and USCIS will refund the money within 24 hours after the application is submitted.

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Japan started to implement temporary exemption measures for all types of single and multiple visas to Japan on March 9. The expiration date is at the end of March. The expired visa cannot be renewed. After the expiry, you need to reapply and pay a new visa fee.

If you need to consult specific matters, you can call the Chinese Embassy in Japan Visa: 010-6532-2007.

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According to the Singapore Immigration and Checkpoints Authority policy, there is currently no limit on the number of visa extensions for New China citizens, and Singapore will review and approve according to the specific circumstances of the applicant.

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From March 19, 2020, foreign citizens traveling to Russia can submit applications to the Regional Immigration Bureau to extend their temporary stay in Russia. Visa-entry personnel can apply for extension regardless of their purpose or whether their visa has expired.

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Those who have entered the country without visa and have exceeded the prescribed period of stay can also apply for extension.

Foreign citizens who have a short-term or long-term status in Russia for 3 years can also apply for extension if the relevant documents have expired.


On March 24th, the latest policy of the General Directorate of Immigration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia requires that temporary foreign visitors who enter Indonesia after February 5 without international transportation will no longer need to apply to the Indonesian immigration department for emergency Stay permit procedures and related overdue fines are also waived.

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new Zealand

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern said that all temporary visas will be automatically extended to late September and confirmation information will be emailed to all visa holders.

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The Bangladesh Ministry of Internal Affairs has decided that the Bangladesh Chinese citizen visa can be extended for 90 days from the expiry date, and visas that are overdue from February 2 will be exempt from detention fines.

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The above is only information on visa extensions issued by some countries. Chinese citizens living abroad can check the website of the Chinese embassy or consulate for more information.

During the epidemic, everyone should pay attention to protection overseas, return home safely, and go home healthily!

Source: CCTV News, China Overseas Chinese Website, Chinese Embassy in Italy, Chinese Embassy in Britain, etc.

Author: Wang Jiayi