Crystalline Georgieva, International Monetary Fund (IMF) governor, said the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) on the 23rd (local time) will cause recession worldwide worldwide this year, which is more than the global financial crisis of 2008-2009. It can be severe.

According to Reuters and AFP, President Georgieba made a statement this day and said the world economy is facing serious economic damage from the corona19 pandemic.

The damage is much more expensive than during the 2009 financial crisis, he said, and an unprecedented response is needed.

"In general, developed countries are in a better position to respond," said Georgieba, responding to Corona19 response. "The crisis will hurt many emerging markets."

He said more efforts are needed, especially in the financial sector, and he strongly supports monetary policy mitigation and emergency fiscal measures in many countries.

"The IMF is ready to commit all of its $ 1 trillion in lending capacity," he said, asking developed countries to provide more support to low-income countries for major 20 countries (G20) finance ministers.

World Bank (WB) Group President David Malpass also said today that it will be able to inject $ 150 billion (about 191 trillion won) of resources over the next 15 months to support developing countries in relation to Corona19 response.

According to Reuters, Governor Malpass said in a statement to the G20 finance ministers and central bank governors today.

He also asked G20 creditors to stop repaying debt while the poorest countries were fighting Corona19.

President Malpass said Corona 19's pandemic (a global pandemic) is predicting a major economic downturn in the global economy beyond its impact on health problems.

He urged countries to move quickly to expand health expenditures, strengthen social safety nets, support the private sector and respond to financial market collapse.

He emphasized that WB's first goal was to shorten the time to repair coronavirus damage and provide immediate support to create trust.

He added that WB is preparing a project for Corona 19 in 49 countries this week.

The World Bank has been involved in combating global poverty and funding developing countries, with 189 member countries joining.