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  • Ayuntamiento.Almeida announces to the Government that it closes the Municipal Funeral Home for cases of coronavirus due to the lack of material
  • Coronavirus.Collapse in funeral homes and funeral homes: "The bodies accumulate in the rooms"

The collapse of funeral homes and funeral homes and the closure of the municipal funeral home for coronavirus cases has forced the Community of Madrid and the UME to create an improvised morgue in the Ice Palace , in the Hortaleza district, to preserve the bodies of victims of this epidemic, according to El Español, and confirmed from official sources to EL MUNDO.

Some bodies that will start arriving this afternoon and that will remain there "for a few days", according to sources consulted by this newspaper. "Even if the funeral home continues to function normally, there is no capacity to bury within the normal time frame, " say the same sources about the high death rate that the coronavirus is causing in the Community of Madrid.

"Given the progressive increase in the number of deceased and the impossibility of funeral homes to be able to bury them within the established period, the Ice Palace concessionary company has ceded its facilities to house these bodies while waiting for funeral homes to take over they ", explain from the Madrid City Council where they point out that the regional government and the Army are the ones" who will develop the operating procedure once the installation is ready. "

This enclosure, which has about 1,800 square meters of ice rink, is located in the Hortaleza district in an area with a strong commercial and restaurant character and is mainly used as a leisure alternative, despite the country's epidemic and especially the capital will be used as a mortuary.

This situation occurs on the same day that the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, announced by letter to the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, that the Municipal Funeral Home of the city will have to close from tomorrow due to lack of material for its workers and that leaves the service in "an extremely critical situation" in the midst of a health crisis that has already caused 1,263 deaths in the region .

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