Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb would not be surprised if a contact ban is also imposed in the Netherlands, as is the case in Germany. He said that on Sunday evening in the television program Nieuwsuur .

Across the country, but also in Rotterdam, not everyone adhered to the advice of the government on Sunday to keep at least one and a half meters apart. "The image I got back from the police, security region and city surveillance is that people stay at home reasonably well, but not as I would have liked. I find it worrying," said Aboutaleb.

In Germany, a ban on gathering has recently started, so that no more than two people may be together outside. "It would be a horrible measure," says Aboutaleb. "But if calls and measures of this kind don't help, this could come into the picture."

Careless and undisciplined behavior

If thirty percent don't follow directions, it can cause insane misery, says Aboutaleb. "There is a form of nonchalance - it will not happen to me - especially in young people who play sports in groups. It is careless and undisciplined behavior."

Mayors have no legal basis to close off playgrounds and beaches, Aboutaleb said. "We did not say 'forbidden to enter the beaches', but 'urgent advice to go home'. Then we also invent the trick to close parking spaces to discourage going to the beach."

Earlier on Sunday, Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema in Buitenhof as mayor said that he was prepared to take far-reaching measures if necessary. "But we prefer people to take responsibility themselves, so you don't have to lock people up in their houses," says Halsema.

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Justice and Security was also angry on Sunday evening in the TV program EenVandaag about the crowds on the street. "It is embarrassing to see health care workers working their way out and people a little further along forty walking through a forest. If people think they can leave the rules for what to be, then move on to the next step."

On Monday, the mayors of the major cities will meet with the cabinet.