The AP-HP was the victim of a cyber attack on Sunday March 22. - Daniel Brown / Sipa USA / SIPA

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the AP-HP (Public Assistance / Hospitals of Paris) was the victim of a cyber attack, reveals L'Express, information confirmed to 20 Minutes by a police source. The attack took place on Sunday morning March 22.

“The AP-HP suffered […] a denial of service attack (massive connection) on two of its Internet addresses, specifies the institution. The hour-long attack was managed by the AP-HP provider and never reached its infrastructure. "Faced with this attack," the service provider [...] reduced Internet access, which had the consequence of blocking external access to messaging, Skype as well as external access to AP-HP applications " . However, internal IT did not have to suffer from this attack.

Ile-de-France heavily affected by the epidemic

To put an end to the mischief, "the service provider [...] blocked all access outside Europe which stopped the attack and allowed a gradual restart of Internet access", specifies the APHP.

This cyber attack comes at a time when Ile-de-France is the region most affected by Covid-19. And if Martin Hirsch, the president of the APHP, assured Sunday evening that the 35 establishments under his direction are "not at saturation", he nevertheless affirmed: "we still need reinforcements".


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