(Combating New Crown Pneumonia) French confirmed cases rise to 14,459

China News Agency, Paris, March 21st (Reporter Li Yang) The cumulative number of confirmed cases of French new crown pneumonia rose to 14,459 on the 21st local time, and the number of deaths rose to 562. French Minister of Health Villain warned on the same day that the outbreak in France would continue to worsen. Curfews are currently imposed in at least 9 cities across France, including the French-Italian border city Menton.

According to the statistics of the epidemic situation released by the French Ministry of Health on the same day, on the 21st, France added 1,847 confirmed cases and 112 new deaths, and the number of deaths in a single day exceeded one hundred. There are currently 6172 patients in hospital, of which 1,525 are severe cases.

Statistics from the French health department on the same day showed that the most severely affected area in France was still the Greater Paris area, including the capital Paris, and the number of confirmed cases had risen to 4,695. In addition, the French military plane continued to transfer critically ill patients from Mulhouse to field hospitals for treatment on the 21st.

French Minister of Health Villain warned at a temporary press conference on the 21st that the French epidemic will continue to worsen until the current stringent control measures are effective. He described it as a "long distance race that has just begun" and requires patience and unity.

Wei Lan once again emphasized that taking control measures is the key to controlling the epidemic, and the National Science Council will provide specific opinions on this issue on the 23rd. It is generally believed that the implementation period of the "closed city" measure currently tentatively continuing for 15 days is likely to be extended.

According to official statements from relevant French cities and statistics from the French media, a curfew was imposed in at least 9 cities across the country on the 21st. These include Nice, Montpellier, Perpignan, Bezier, etc. The curfew time varies from city to city, and lasts from night to early morning. Those who violate the curfew will be punished.

Most notably, Menton, a border city between France and Italy, has also begun a curfew from 9pm to 5am the next day. It usually takes 9 minutes by train from Menton to reach Italy. The epidemic in Italy is accelerating, with a total of 53,578 confirmed cases, 4,825 deaths, and 793 new deaths on the 21st.

The Maritime-Alpes province of Nice and Menton is adjacent to Italy and is considering implementing a province-wide curfew. (Finish)