"Fake information about the new virus is transmitted from China etc." Secretary of State on March 21, 13:37

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeio has warned the public, highlighting false information about the new coronavirus coming from China, Russia and Iran.

Secretary of State Pompeio complained at a press conference in the White House on Wednesday that fake information about the source of the new coronavirus was transmitted to the U.S. military and was spread online.

He emphasized that "false information comes from China, Russia and Iran," and called on the public to determine the correct information.

Pompeio later said in videos and messages he posted on his own Twitter that the CCP and others were distributing such disinformation, saying, `` We cannot allow the dissemination of disinformation that hurt our democracy and freedom. '' I called for vigilance again.

Pompeio's Secretary of State protested strongly against the Chinese side after a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman posted on Twitter last week that the virus could have been brought into China by the U.S. military, as well as information on Iran. He criticized that the virus was not transmitted to China because of the control.