Mohammed Mohsen Wedd - Umm al-Fahm

Despite the pioneering role of the Arab medical teams in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948 and its efforts to limit the spread of the Corona virus, the Israeli Ministry of Health has so far refrained from conducting medical examinations of internal Palestinians to the possibility of the spread of the virus in their ranks, as well as marginalizing the Arabic language in awareness campaigns regarding the implications of the Corona virus On the health of the public, methods of prevention, instructions and instructions to avoid its spread.

This situation did not prevent about five thousand doctors and nurses from the Palestinians 48 - out of forty thousand medical cadres in the Israeli health system - from facing the virus with awareness and follow-up until the directors of Israeli hospitals stressed that "had it not been for the Arab professional teams, the health system would have collapsed and it would have been difficult to face the repercussions The spread of the virus. "

And the Israeli Ministry of Health announced the recruitment of medical and medical professionals - Arabs and Jews - in the campaign to enable the fight against the virus, in light of the shortage of medical personnel, after putting about three thousand doctors in the quarantine of the home on suspicion of contracting the virus because of their work and contact with patients.

Arab medical teams advance the first line of defense to prevent the spread of the Corona virus in the country, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues to incite against Palestinians 48, and calls for the formation of a government of "national unity" that excludes the joint list on the pretext of the emergency to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

In this atmosphere, a group of Arab and Jewish doctors and Physicians for Human Rights-Israel published a petition entitled “When did the white rub become a condition for equality?” Hundreds of health workers signed it, with the petition directed to Netanyahu and the “right-wing” parties. It requires an "joint" exception from any future government coalition.

Netanyahu during a meeting with top Arab doctors in hospitals (Al-Jazeera)

Arslan Abu Mukh - a doctor who specializes in the public health apparatus - and Jay Shalev - a specialist in medical anthropology at the Hebrew University - wrote a joint message to Netanyahu and Knesset members, criticizing statements calling for the marginalization of Arabs and their absence from the political scene and any government coalition, under the pretext They are seen either as a security threat or as a demographic threat.

"What is going on these days can be considered as a challenge to this systematic and continuous absence and erasure," said Arslan. "The double swirl looming in Israeli society looms between two successive elections and the Koruna, an epidemic that undermines public health and has basic social principles."

"We must forget that the health apparatus has transformed in the last two decades into a magnet that attracted the sons and daughters of the Arab community in Israel. This system, despite its weaknesses and shortcomings, provided a common space for Arab and Jewish professional teams, but a violent and incitement debate revolves around the legitimacy of participating in the political game."

And he considered that "the health crisis emerged precisely against this political background, due to the enormous contribution of the Arab public in the medical system that serves all citizens of the state, Jews and Arabs," stressing that members of the Arab minority in Israel deserve to obtain political representation and equal partnership in making decisions that affect On all citizens without any preconditions.

He continued, "The doctor, the doctor, the nurse, the incubator, the engineer, the factory worker and the auditor are all alike citizens of the state, and therefore their standing and the position of their representatives and leaders are legitimate, so do we need a global epidemic to recognize the existence of the other? And since when did saving life and the White Rob become a condition? For citizenship ?! "

As for doctor Saif Abu Mukh - who is a resident of the "West Baqa" city in the Triangle - he continues his work in light of the emergency declared by the Netanyahu government, and leads medical teams around the clock to treat patients and guide and guide citizens - Arabs and Jews - and immunize them from infection with the virus.

He says that he continues his work "away from the political considerations of some leaders of the Israeli parties that employ the Corona crisis for narrow personal and partisan goals", stressing that "science and knowledge are an umbrella umbrella for humankind regardless of religion, nationality and nationality."

In an attempt to mitigate the impact of his widely criticized statements, Netanyahu initiated a session with the top Arab doctors working in Israeli hospitals, and promoted "cooperation with Arab citizens, living and a common future"!