Following the recommendation of the Swedish Public Health Authority to limit travel within Sweden - and an ever lower demand for air travel - both SAS and BRA this week have decided on major changes in regular air travel. As of Monday, traffic to and from Kalmar Öland Airport is drastically reduced, to only one flight per day, which can be compared with up to ten departures daily earlier.

- We will try to have the airport ready if ambulance flights or others should use it. But apart from in conjunction with the remaining SAS flight, we will need to have minimal staffing, says Ronny Lindberg, CEO and airport manager for Kalmar Öland Airport.

Negotiations for layoffs for staff

In total, close to 45 people work at the airport and now employers' organizations and trade unions are negotiating to short-term almost all of them part-time.

- I'm not sure how it will be yet, but the hope is that we will be able to lay off 30 to 40 pieces of up to 60 percent of their service so we can keep them, says Ronny Lindberg.

He cannot respond to how long the possible layoffs will last. BRA's flights are canceled until further notice and SAS's new schedule, with one flight per day, is scheduled for early April.

- Everyone is obviously worried about what's going to happen, at the same time no one is surprised considering what it looks like in the outside world. We are not alone in this and lately the number of travelers has been very few, says Ronny Lindberg.