Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow (Ansa archive photo)

  • Coronavirus. Macron meets the Defense Council. Over 5,000 victims in Europe
  • United Kingdom, from today "self-isolation" for those coming from the affected Italian areas
  • Coronavirus, UK: BoE cuts rates by 50 points to 0.25%


20 March 2020Known coronavirus deaths rise to 184 in the UK, with a new peak of 40 more deaths in a day according to data released today by the British Ministry of Health. While a first hospital, Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, a suburb of London, formally declares to be in crisis due to the number of patients hospitalized for suspected contagion by Covid-19: reporting that they are dealing with a "serious accident", having out of the 33 beds available ad hoc.

The increase in deaths caused by the coronavirus in the United Kingdom is faster than that in Italy and has a trajectory similar to that of Spain. Various newspapers have dedicated themselves to studying the growth curves of deaths, including The Telegraph. In less than a month, the number of people who died in Italy infected by Covid-19 is 3,405, recalls the British newspaper, and the deaths already exceed those in China, where the epidemic originated. Even in the United Kingdom the death toll continues to grow: but the increase in mortality in the United Kingdom, where the first death occurred fifteen days ago, is faster than in Italy. Last Wednesday in Italy the highest number of deaths was recorded in a single day since the virus started to spread, with 475 victims, but since then the death rate has slowed down. When in Italy the number of victims started to grow, the rate continued to rise daily by 35%, but has fallen below 20% in the last week.

By contrast, there has been a 50 percent increase in deaths per day in the United Kingdom and 49 percent in Spain. The newspaper notes that when China was at the same point as Italy's pandemic - 23 days after the detection of the tenth death from the virus - the daily increase in the number of deaths was 23 percent. Now the coronavirus continues to 'run' in Europe and no country has flattened the curve, but Italy is managing to slow it down. Thanks to the quarantine and social limitation measures implemented on the peninsula, the number of cases has increased by 171%; but in other European countries, where containment measures are lesser and were adopted later, the increase in the number of deaths is 300% in France, 500% in Spain, 550% in Germany and 480% in the UK.