(Fighting new crown pneumonia) War epidemic group portrait: Maybe not the heroic youth born without fear

China News Agency, Beijing, March 19th: The epidemic of war epidemics: Maybe it was n’t born of heroic youth.

China News Agency reporter Xing Ye

"These angels in white are nothing more than a group of children changing their clothes, learning from their predecessors, and healing and saving people."

Against the "epidemic" frontline, many young people went to the battlefield without words. On the eve of New Year's Eve, the trumpet of aid to Wuhan sounded, and more than 42,000 medical staff proceeded to the land of Jingchu. Among them, 12,000 people have the appearance of youth, and they have the same footsteps as the veterans who have been playing in the field.

On the evening of February 11, the first team of Hebei counterparts supporting the Shennongjia Forestry Prevention and Control Team assembled, and boarded the train to Shennongjia Forestry, Hubei Province to support the comprehensive prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The picture shows the "post-90s" medical staff cutting out signs. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhai Yujia

No words or regrets. "I am young, with good resistance, unmarried, and have no worries." Chen Jiayi, an ophthalmologist born in 1997, was the youngest member of the fourth batch of medical aid teams in Shanghai Ruijin Hospital. In the ward, Chen Jiayi was wearing heavy protective clothing every day to help patients go to the toilet, eat, and take medicine, and pay close attention to the changes in everyone's condition.

"I wasn't born to be brave either. Since I chose this profession at the beginning, I must go forward bravely at a critical time." Chen Jiayi said.

In this battlefield without smoke, countless young people play various roles. Like Chen Jiayi, they may not have been born heroic, but they still show no hesitation.

"Post-90s" volunteer Yang Xue launched a "guardian angel" volunteer convoy during the epidemic to pick up and drop off hospital staff, and was named a front-line combatant for epidemic prevention and control. In fact, she also said frankly that she was not brave from the beginning.

The original intention of Yang Xue to launch the volunteer team was to send her cousin to the hospital for work, but she was still scared when she first sent her cousin. "On the way to the hospital, my cousin always taught me how to protect at home and what details to pay attention to. She said that she would definitely protect herself and let me not worry."

The cousin's solution helped Yang Xue to dispel her worries, and made Yang Xue courage to decide what to do for the same unchanging medical staff as her cousin. Many people came to sign up after calling for a team.

At the same time, courage is passing. Yang Xue said that enthusiasm for volunteer work is not enough. We must first ensure the safety of volunteers and ensure that volunteer work is carried out in a sustainable manner. Later, in order to facilitate the management and dispatch, the convoy joined the "Hongshan Youth Commando" as a whole, and its work tasks also expanded from simply picking up medical staff to collecting medical equipment and transporting materials.

Under the epidemic situation, there was a game of chess across the country, watching and helping each other, so that the power of youth was constantly nourished in moving and motivating. Chen Zhou, Hunchun County, Hubei Province, is also a “post-90s” volunteer who is responsible for collecting and publishing information on township hospitals and coordinating donated materials. Once he received 400 pieces of protective clothing donated by netizens from Lianyungang. Due to the logistics outage, how to bring it in became the biggest problem.

After Chen Zhou made inquiries, Brother Fang, the driver of the "Blue Sky Rescue Team", decided to drive from Shandong to Jiangsu to pick up the goods and return the supplies to Hunchun County for more than 1,400 kilometers. He stopped at the high-speed intersection of Hunchun County for 10 minutes to unload the supplies Later, Brother Fang hurriedly returned to Shandong and had to quarantine for 14 days after returning home.

More than 1400 kilometers, 10 minutes and 14 days of isolation, Chen Zhou said that he didn't even know what Brother Fang looked like. "We will meet again after the epidemic is over, and I owe him a bowl of hot noodles."

Some people say that in 2003, SARS, the world guarded the "post-90s", and 17 years later, the "post-90s" came to guard the world. Liang Ruiming from Shanxi distributed free masks to returning passengers at the Thai airport until all those return passengers; Dr. Huang Shan of the Electronic Science and Technology University commissioned artificial intelligence robots for the fever clinic and isolation ward of Chengdu Hospital to reduce cross infection and reduce the work of medical staff Intensity; the Tibetan girl Nima Cuomao of Yushu, Qinghai squatted at the ditch of the Tongtian River, becoming a guardian above 4200 meters above sea level ...

In fact, not only the "post-90s", but also many "post-00s" fighting the epidemic. Zhou Junru and Zhou Hongtao from Shanghai are a pair of 19-year-old twin brothers. They volunteered in the flow guidance, order maintenance, and temperature measurement of the Jiading Expressway Gate in Shanghai, and became the “mobile thermometer” of Jiading crossing.

Recently, 34 "post-90s" party members of the Peking University Aid E-Med medical team wrote a letter to General Secretary Xi Jinping, reporting on the situation of saving lives in the frontline of the epidemic, expressing their continued role as party members and contributing to winning the fight against epidemic prevention and control. Determination of strength. In his reply, Xi Jinping said that in the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, your young people, together with the vast number of epidemic prevention and control personnel who fought bravely in the field, feared no danger, rushed forward, and forgot to die, showing the youthful vigor , And submitted the qualified answer sheet. "The majority of young people have proved with action that Chinese young people in the new era are good and worthy of responsibility!"

"The young generation has ideals, skills, and responsibilities, the country has a future, and the nation has hope." Xi Jinping hoped that they would continue to fight hard in the post of saving the wounded and the wounded, and drive the majority of young people to fear the storm and take on the burden.

The power of youth continues. Seventeen years ago, Wu Zhengfang, a nurse at the Beijing Friendship Hospital, was on the front line of fighting SARS. Now that she has passed the confusing years, she came to Wuhan to fight the epidemic again. The only concern she couldn't let go was her son in high school.

One day his son told her that he would be a doctor in the future. Wu Zhengfang asked, "Are you not afraid?" The son said, "No, I will be like you if a mother is my role model." (End)